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 Moxie Glam Boudoir Photography Studio is run by a team of female artists, all with the goal of making you feel like your best self.

The team is the best in the business that will make you feel comfortable, give you the makeover of your dreams, help style your outfits, and show you the poses that accentuate your body’s best assets.

They will be there for you every step of the way. 

Our staff is made up of a professional photographer, an accomodating makeup artist, studio assistant, an appointment scheduler, and a social media marketing specialist.

Kimberli Fry

Owner | Photographer

Meet Kimberli, the owner and main photographer at Moxie Glam Studios. 

She’s an internationally published photographer who’s been taking photographs for over twenty years and has won several awards worldwide!

“I‘m grateful for the opportunity to meet all kinds of amazing women and witnessing them transform before my eyes.

I get to help young ladies, mothers, and even grandmothers by pampering them and showing them how beautiful they truly are. I can visibly see them becoming more confident and vibrant! I get to watch these women fall in love with themselves all over again, and it’s captivating.

Together we’re going to create amazing images that you will cherish for a lifetime and the experience will change the way to feel about yourself in a positive way, forever.” – Kimberli

Meet the Rest of the Team

Salina Santoyo | Makeup Artist

Salina Santoyo | Makeup Artist

Salina is Moxie Glam's main makeup artist and hairstylist. She's been doing makeup for over ten years. Salina is a talented artist that specializes in providing you with the look of your dreams. She's a hardworking momma who is extremely welcoming and down-to-earth!

Julie Ortiz | Studio Assistant

Julie is Moxie Glam’s Studio Assistant. She is happily married with five children and five grandchildren. She is a spirited, sassy, and outgoing lady that loves music, dancing, and having a good time. Julie helps with styling, backup shooting, and pampering our clients. We must also mention that she pours a mean mimosa!

Brittnie Villano | Marketing<br />

Brittnie Villano | Marketing<br />

Brittnie is Moxie Glam's digital marketing specialist. She has experience as a backup photographer, stylist, and posing assistant. Brittnie is also Kimberli's daughter and is pictured here with Zoe, Moxie Glam's Mascot/studio support pup/Kimberli's Fur Baby!

Rebecca Pelton | Appointments


 Bex is Moxie Glam’s Appointment Scheduler. She is originally from upstate NY and currently living in Rhode Island. She is passionate about speaking with women about their journey of healing, empowerment, self-discovery, celebration, and everything in between. Empowering women from across the country is something that she cherishes and feels honored to be a part of.

Are you ready to work with the team of female artists Moxie Glam Boudoir Photography Studio? Because we’re ready to work with you!

Moxie Glam Photography Studio



Happily shooting the lovely ladies of Southern California!

Located at 22300 Loch Lomond Drive in Canyon Lake, California.  Only a 40-minute drive from O.C, 20 minutes from Corona, and 15 minutes north of Temecula.

Have you ever wondered what a Moxie Glam Boudoir Photoshoot Experience is like? Let us paint the picture for you…

There are several different scenes in the studio. We have two different bedroom scenes, one that’s black with red silk sheets, the other is white with a more girly vibe. There are a few different style couches and fur rugs for floor shots. We have a unique bar scene, a poker table, a pool table, and a vanity! The variety in scenes makes for a wide range of photographs.

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Moxie Glam Boudoir Photography Studio


Happily shooting the lovely ladies of Southern California!
Located at 22300 Loch Lomond Drive in Canyon Lake, California. Only 40-minutes from Orange County, 20 minutes from Corona, and 15 minutes north of Temecula.

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