Body Love Contest 2020 | Ashley H.

Every year we do a Body Love giveaway where we give away the entire photo shoot experience to one lucky lady. We always get a ton of amazing entries and it’s so hard to pick just one. This year we received the most thoughtful entry submitted by our winner’s partner. Here is what he wrote:

“Ashley is my partner of 7 years. She works her butt off as an accountant and full-time care provider for me. My name is Miles, I was shot in the head on Xmas eve 13 years ago; which left me in a wheelchair with the use of only my left arm & hand. Ashley and I went to high school together never dated until life brought us together 7.5 years ago. She is a phenomenal woman and is always hustling to make sure we want for nothing and enjoys life to the absolute fullest. I’m not able to do nearly as much for her as she does for me. This is why I would love to enter her in this giveaway with the hope of her being picked. She was just telling me that she wanted to do a photoshoot like this but didn’t think it would be fair to spend so much money on herself. She was trying to figure out how to do the shot at home with me as the photographer 🤦‍♂️. Please spare this 1 armed photographer the frustration and pick my beautiful partner for your giveaway.”

 Thank you, Miles

Cue the tears, am I right?! How could we not give this woman the prize!?

Ashley came into the photoshoot with little experience and completely blew us away with how photogenic and beautiful she was! She truly lit up the studio and we took so many stunning photographs.

Check them out: 

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Have you ever wondered what a Moxie Glam Boudoir Photoshoot Experience is like? Let us paint the picture for you…

Have you ever wondered what a Moxie Glam Boudoir Photoshoot Experience is like? Let us paint the picture for you…

There are several different scenes in the studio. We have two different bedroom scenes, one that’s black with red silk sheets, the other is white with a more girly vibe. There are a few different style couches and fur rugs for floor shots. We have a unique bar scene, a poker table, a pool table, and a vanity! The variety in scenes makes for a wide range of photographs.

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Located at 22300 Loch Lomond Drive in Canyon Lake, California. Only 40-minutes from Orange County, 20 minutes from Corona, and 15 minutes north of Temecula.

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