Once you book a photoshoot at Moxie Glam we will set up a time to chat about any questions you may have about what to bring to the shoot or how to prepare.

You’ll arrive at the luxurious studio that looks over the water in Canyon Lake, California. There you’re welcomed by Kimberli who is the owner of Moxie Glam and also the lead photographer.

Kimberli escorts you to the salon area, asks what your favorite music is and then plays it throughout the entire studio.

There you sit down with our hair & makeup artist who will give you the look of your dreams while you sip on some champagne, wine, or a drink of your choice!

A stylist looks over your outfits and helps pick out which ones will look best in each scenery. We have jewelry and shoes available for you to borrow, along with props!

There are several different scenes in the studio. We have two different bedroom scenes, one that’s black with red silk sheets, the other is white with a more girly vibe. There are a few different style couches and fur rugs for floor shots. We have a unique bar scene, a poker table, a pool table, and a vanity! The variety in scenes makes for a wide range of photographs.

You will have posing assistance throughout the photoshoot along with uplifting and encouraging words from the photographer to make sure your experience as comfortable as possible!

After spending a surprisingly quick 2 hours with the photographer you’ll pack up and schedule a time to come back and look at your images! You will let us know what kinds of things you would like us to photoshop and the level of editing you would like on your images.

When you come back to look at your pictures you will be able to select your favorites, check out all of the different albums, canvases, and printed options.

You can pay in full that day or even set up a payment plan!

Your printed items will arrive within a week or two and can be rushed if needed!

The entire experience is guaranteed to boost your self-confidence & will show you how beautiful you are.. not to mention it makes a great gift for yourself or your partner!

Ready to be bold & beautiful? Click here to book your very own boudoir photoshoot!

Have any questions? Feel free to call us at 949-221-8158 or email us at

Moxie Glam Boudoir Photography Studio


Happily shooting the lovely ladies of Southern California!
Located at 22300 Loch Lomond Drive in Canyon Lake, California. Only 40-minutes from Orange County, 20 minutes from Corona, and 15 minutes north of Temecula.

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